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Ojai Historical Registry Farmhouse, Remodeled Interiors 2012


It's time to bring back the age old arts of decorative painting into the world of interior design.   While it is true that 15-20 years ago, the overuse of a handful of repetitive "faux" finishes ran its' course, this is an art form that goes back to the days of the Renaissance, is full of infinite possibilities, and therefore will stand the test of time.  We are leading the wave - modernizing these ancient arts for our current times within design projects.  In good interior design there is nothing like a one of a kind artisan wall finish used properly.

As featured in Santa Barbara Magazine - we did a number of projects in this 100 year old Ojai farmhouse.  We were fortunate enough to collaboarte with the San Francisco based interior designer, Emily Taylor.  This was a collaborative effort that met all our clients' dreams.  Color was the name of the game, and we delivered.

See feature in Santa Barbara Magazine (p 142)

A medley of project snippets from our days/roots in Palo Alto, and our recurring projects back in that area.

Through the early years I was fortunate to collaborate on various murals and unique wall work with clients, architects, contractors, and designers.  Pantelleria Designs has been fortunate to exchange creative ideas with so many other talented designers, among them Emily Taylor, Jeanesse Rowell  (Interior Designer for The Bootjack Ranch in Pagosa Springs, CO, Nikki Parr, Carolyn Klingler, Maison Luxe (Manhattan-Hermosa Beach), and Jan Wasson to name a few.

For all of us there is a finite amount of time in which to live our lives.  As a working designer, only so many spaces can be created, but there are so many more that inspire us.  This is a sampling of all that is possible with contemporary interior design.

Aside from many design solutions and consultations in this Italian Neo Classical home, we also did all the exterior railings in antiqued gold finishes as well as the courtyard walls in a stone composite finish

We think a sense of humor can always help!  And Mom is happy now!